Beware: Installing Inferior Safes Can Ruin Your Reputation

Hotel Security
Hotel guests have typically have reasonable expectations – such as a clean room, fresh sheets, reliable wifi, and the assurance that they can safely leave their personal belongings while away from the room. Your guests expect to stay in your hotel without fearing their laptops, cell phones, tablets, purses, wallets or anything else will be stolen.

There has been an increase in hotel security breakdowns, from hotel thieves stealing the financial and personal information of hotel guests to laptops and valuable disappearing. This is all troubling because your hotel rooms are supposed to be the place where your hotel guests unwind, and because they give you money to stay in that room. Hollywood often demonstrates thieves breaking into hotel rooms and a quick search on YouTube will show sneaky individuals using tools or special codes to open a hotel safe. While we are not fans of fake break-ins, this type of messaging brings up a very critical point…hoteliers cannot just install any safe.

We are not implying that everyone will have things stolen from their hotel room, but we are stating that it could happen at any kind of hotel. It does not matter if it is a motel, small hotel, or one of the well-known hotels.

When your hotel rooms are equipped with hotel safes, they can place things in the safe that they are worried about being stolen. Regarding laptops, you can also install laptop safes in all of the hotel rooms. When your customers walk through your hotel doors and pay for a room, they expect you to address all the safety concerns ahead of time.

You want to give your hotel guests reasons to come back to your hotel, not reasons to visit someone else’s hotel. Take the right steps to ensure you will not have any hotel security breakdowns.

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