Does Your Hotel Security System Need An Upgrade?

As a hotel owner, the comfort of your guests is very important to you. One of the best ways to protect your guests and give them a sense of comfort is to have a reliable hotel security system. How do you know if your current hotel security system is protecting your guests the way it should?

Here are a few signs that indicate it is time to change your hotel security system?

Sign 1: Your Cameras Are Not High-Res

Many older hotel security systems use analog cameras. Analog cameras do serve their purpose of giving you a visual of what is going on, but the resolution on the cameras can be very poor. If your camera images are not giving you a clear picture, how can you protect your guests when they are in a dangerous situation. If you want to take the right steps to have proper cameras with a higher resolution, we suggest that you think about upgrading your cameras so you will have better images.

Sign 2: There Is No Alert Button

If one of your hotel guests found themselves in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, is there an easy way for that guest to alert someone in your hotel? If your hotel has alert buttons or panic buttons, your hotel security staff will be instantly alerted once that button is pressed.Â

Sign 3: No Cameras In The Parking Lot

When you install hotel surveillance, one of the purposes is to monitor what is taking place on your premises. If you do not have cameras in your hotel’s parking lot, you will not be able to monitor what takes place outdoors. Do you think your hotel needs security cameras in the parking lot?

Your hotel security system should be connected to one main location so your security staff will have complete access to everything. Do you think your hotel security system needs an upgrade?

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