College is a wonderful place to meet new people, however, the onset of these relationships can leave students susceptible to crime. While standard security protocols include routine premise patrol and proper lighting, educational facilities can take several preventive measures to maximize campus safety.

Dorm room safes provide a secure location for students to store expensive electronics and other valuables. Not only are they convenient, dorm room safes help facilities deter theft and maintain a positive reputation.

Deliver peace of mind by contacting Safemark today, the hospitality industry’s dominant provider of in-room safes. Our security experts will help determine the best safe models for your facility.

SPEYEGUARD® Fixed Peephole Cover

Whether studying for class or hanging out with friends, you deserve to feel safe and protected in your college dorm or apartment. The SPEYEGUARD® Peephole Covers can help you get there.


Electronic lockers provide a unique storage environment where students can quickly secure their personal belongings on campus. This innovative solution combines user-friendly, digital locking systems with various size locker cabinets. The simple to operate locking system allows users to create a unique PIN code to lock and unlock the door.  If desired, revenue share opportunities via pay-per-use lockers and unique advertising plans are also available.


“In my 30-year career in the hospitality security industry I have used a wide variety of guest room safes. My current property decided to budget new guest room safes in 2005. After extensive research I kept coming back to Safemark Systems as the leader in the security industry. Safemark’s products, support and service are superior to their competition. The extensive audit trail that Safemark provides along with the EHO (Emergency Handheld Override) is easy for staff members to navigate and operate. While all of the other vendors I researched provided an audit trail, Safemark’s audit trail was able to record the full identity, date, time and how the safe was opened. The safes are very simple to troubleshoot and Safemark always provides me with timely support. The hard key override is an absolute must and the fact that they key way is protected and property specific is vital for our security mission. My current property still utilizes their products even after our most recent renovation. Whether I am an end user or a consultant, when the question is safes, the answer is always Safemark.”

H. Skip Brandt, CPP, CLSD
Executive Director
Boston Founding Chapter
The International Lodging Safety & Security Association