Series of NYC Robberies Reveals Need for Wall Safes and Lockers in Hospitality Industry

While the wide range of businesses that comprise the hospitality industry seek first and foremost to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers, whether hotel guests or restaurant goers, recent trends in the industry indicate the growing need to protect hospitality workers as well. As hospitality jobs increase at unprecedented rates in the U.S. and minimum wage battles continue to rage across the country, there is greater focus on hospitality workers’ rights and safety.

An ongoing investigation into a recent string of New York City robberies highlights just one of the many unique needs for further protection of hospitality workers with specific regard to their personal belongings. New York police are searching for a group of thieves who have been targeting restaurant workers in the Big Apple since late March.

Police say that a group of six thieves has attempted at least seven robberies in the past four months, creating distractions by asking to use the restroom or entering kitchens unannounced while others quietly steal from behind the counter or the employee room. This series of robberies has led several restaurant workers to discover missing cash, wallets, purses, backpacks, etc. by the end of their shifts.

Unfortunately this theft spree has left several workers without their belongings, but this type of crime is entirely preventable with a variety of security solutions like wall safes or a set of personal lockers. Our SafePod locker system is the perfect solution for safeguarding workers’ belongings. An innovative back-of-the-house locker storage system, SafePod offers employees a simple and secure place to store their valuables. With flexible configuration options and user modes, business owners and managers can customize our SafePods to meet their specific storage and security needs.

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