Protect Your Guests AND Your Hotel Reputation With High-Quality Drawer Safes

With the rapidly growing popularity of online review portals like Yelp or TripAdvisor in recent years, hotel owners have become acutely aware of how important it is to manage their reputation both in the “real world” and online.

These review portals are a double-edged sword for many proprietors – a bevy of good reviews can yield a continuous stream of new customers, while only a handful of negative reviews can be devastating. Virtual review platforms now have a direct and substantial impact on real-world businesses.

One of the best ways to protect your hotel’s reputation is by doing everything in your power to safeguard your guests and their possessions. A negative review complaining of theft can act as a major “red flag” to potential customers. Even a single review of this nature can have a lasting impact for years.

The ideal course of action is to prevent theft before it happens.

Drawer safes are affordable-yet-efficient solutions to theft prevention. These security devices can be securely fastened to a credenza or near the desk in a room with a security cable. A thief would have to make off with the entire piece of furniture, which is unlikely, to say the least.

A high-quality drawer safe – such as the DN 5.4 Electronic Drawer Safe – should have features like a digital keypad, a motorized locking system, and an internal light. Effective drawer safes will also have what’s called an “Event Audit Trail” feature, which means that the safe stores a record of each time it’s been opened and locked. The user’s full name and method used are also recorded. In the event of an unauthorized access, hotel staff can help narrow down the culprit by checking the timestamps.

In addition to installing security equipment in each room of the hotel, staff members should be trained in properly explaining the usage of the equipment to guests.

Protect your guest’s belongings and they’ll pay you back tenfold by helping you protect your reputation.

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