Employee Storage Solutions

Increase Security. Improve Satisfaction.

Safemark, the leading provider of guest room security, has developed an innovative back-of-the-house locker solution. SafePod offers employees a simple yet secure place to quickly store their valuables. With solid welded steel construction, a durable powder coat finish, and LED illuminated door handles, the lockers can be implemented in both Single User Mode and Assigned User Mode.

Flexible Configurations

Whether looking at 1 tier, 2, or 5 tiers, every SafePod locker will have a simple yet secure operating firmware, programmable with just a fingertip. When necessary, a programmable master code can override the locked locker, giving you ease of access.


  • ADA Compliant Keypad
  • 12 Month Battery Life
  • User-Defined Operating Modes
  • Recessed Keypad Design
  • Illuminated Door Handles
  • Left Hinging

Model Finish and Options

  • 1, 2 & 5 Tier Configurations
  • Options in Gray, Beige, & Black
  • One Year Warranty


  • Louvered Door for  Better Airflow
  • Motorized Lock
  • Hardened Steel Latch
  • Failsafe Key Override Included for Each Door

72” (1828 mm) Height
15” (381 mm) Width
15” (381 mm) Depth including keypad

85 lbs. (38.5 kg)

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The Single Use User

In this scenario, the user must find an available locker door (indicated by a blinking green illuminated handle) and enters directly on the keypad any four-digit code followed by the lock button. The locker will lock and this four-digit code will be used to unlock the locker door later.

The Assigned User

In this scenario, the locker is assigned to a user and will not be shared. The user initially sets his code by pressing the red button on the back panel of the locker door (two audible beeps) and then entering a four-digit code that will be used to unlock the locker each time. The locker door locks automatically each time it is closed and the user’s code is only needed to unlock the locker. This code remains the same until it is changed by the user.

Model Warranty
The SafePod locker is warranted by the manufacturer to be free of mechanical defects for a period of one year after the original purchase. This warranty is limited only to the repair or replacement of the unit or parts that have failed under normal use as determined by the manufacturer or by Safemark Systems, LP and does not cover labor, removal, installation or transportation. Customer is responsible for secure and proper installation of product upon receipt and, if SafePod product is stored prior to installation, it is recommended that storage be in a cool, dry, climate controlled area with a temperature range of thirty−two to ninety degrees Fahrenheit (32− 90F). SafePod lockers placed in use in outdoors, or non-conditioned, high humidity areas will void the warranty.