Your privacy depends on us.

Even in the most well-maintained facilities, a breach of your privacy can happen when you least expect it. We’ve made it our mission to provide the most innovative and effective solutions to this problem.

Although installed to increase security, peepholes often become loose and easy to dismantle creating a risk for the occupant. In addition, reverse peephole viewers can be purchased online allowing intruders to spy discreetly through intact peepholes.

While this is a growing problem within the hospitality industry, those who live in apartments, condos or dormitories are also at risk.

Hotel Impossible’s Anthony Melchiorri Films His Hotel Room…From the Outside.

In light of the Erin Andrews decision concerning guest room privacy and security, I wanted to highlight that our industry has some work to do and decided to test to see just how easy, or not removing a peephole viewer would be. What you will see is that, without any tools whatsoever, and with nothing more than appropriate and adequate thumb pressure being applied, I was able to unscrew the lens –from the hallway side of the room– and, within fifteen seconds, I was completely able to see inside the guest room.


Easy to Operate
Slide cover up to view, release and it automatically closes to cover the peephole

ADA Compliant
Easy to grasp with one hand or closed fist without pinching or twisting to operate

Patented Design
Unique patented design complements all interior styles.

Includes a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty

Easily installs over existing door viewers on wood or metal doors