SPEYEGUARD® Stationary Covers – Protecting the Privacy of Your Guests and Protecting Your Hotel

The Erin Andrews’ lawsuit is bound to have a tremendous ripple effect on hotel security and privacy. And frankly, it should. With the jury awarding Andrews $55 million, hotels need to act now and evaluate their current operating procedures and facility to ensure their guests are secure. This is especially important because high profile cases tend to bring perpetrators out of the woodwork.

Safemark partnered with Privacy Logic in 2011, the US based manufacturer of SPEYEGUARD® peephole covers. Led by Gary Van Solkema, President of Privacy Logic, we were impressed with their tamperproof design and genuine passion for guest room security. Gary and his team worked diligently to perfect the peephole cover and were rewarded with a patent on the design. 

The SPEYEGUARD® stationary cover incorporates an exclusive slide mechanism that automatically self-closes and always covers the peephole to ensure maximum privacy. The two-part cover easily installs over existing door viewers without the hassle of having to remove and re-install the viewer.

To operate, guests simply slide the cover up, look through the viewer and release. The cover automatically slides down to a closed position. The covers are designed to grasp easily with one hand or a closed fist and do not require pinching or twisting to operate. This makes it easy to use for every guest, including those with disabilities.

Regardless of the hotel’s age, peepholes are often found loose, which can result from climate changes and normal use. By installing SPEYEGUARD™ Stationary Covers, hotels are heightening guest room security, protecting guests’ privacy, and reducing hotel owner’s liability. In addition, hoteliers can maintain the design integrity of their guest room door hardware with one of several sophisticated, plated finishes and/or an embedded custom logo.

We want to help prevent guests from being violated and hoteliers from costly lawsuits. Hotels can expedite ordering of the peephole covers through our website where several finishes are available to complement existing hardware and décor. Installation is quick and easy and can be performed during normal housekeeping duties.Peephole Cover for Hotels

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