We offer a number of training options including onsite and remote with programs tailored to relevant departments. Administrative functions and detailed review of our comprehensive audit trail will be shared with those appointed by management. Preventative maintenance services are also covered.

Our Training Programs include the following:

  • One half day prior to installation for your engineering, security and housekeeping staff. Our certified trainer will cover relevant information for each department to ensure complete guest satisfaction. In addition, the management team is trained on administrative features with special focus on our comprehensive audit trail.
  • One half day in conjunction with a contracted installation by Safemark installers. Our team will cover
    the same agenda as above.
  • WebEx on-line training session with your engineering, security and supervisor personnel.
  • For our contracted Security Cash Flow customers, Safemark provides complimentary web based training and on-line training to help maximize revenues and guest satisfaction.


Safemark employs a full-time installation team to assist properties with implementing this important guest amenity. Licensed, insured, and bonded, our team will ensure each safe is properly attached with the correct hardware. They can work independently or side-by-side with your staff, ensuring a seamless installation.


Unless you’re a new construction property, deploying guest room safes takes a great deal of facilitation. Safemark installers handle the entire process from unloading the truck to final trash removal. We have installation down to a science allowing your property to operate with little guest interruption.