Safety and security are a top priority for travelers. The competitive advantage of having in-room safes demonstrates reasonable care to guests, minimizes in-room theft, and eliminates accountability from hotel staff. But, not just any safe will do the job. Poorly constructed models that lack proper override capabilities and other key security features can cost management time and money while tarnishing the hotel’s reputation. The electronic safe warranties we furnish are designed to give clients financial reassurance and speak to our quality commitment. Our safes include up to a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and an industry exclusive $10,000 limited warranty† against forced entry.

Why Safemark is Different

We manufacture our safes and maintain complete control over product integrity. Why gamble when Safemark guarantees spare parts for the life of each safe and performs routine quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. Be confident of securing your guest’s valuables today and for many years to come.


Our hotel safes carry a warranty on mechanical defects for a period of five-years from the original purchase. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the safes that have failed under normal use (determined by Safemark). Warranty does not cover labor, removal, installation or transportation.


In addition to our Manufacturer’s Warranty, Safemark provides a USD $10,000 Limited Warranty on losses due to forced entry.


At the end of the standard Manufacturer’s Warranty our customers have the option to extend coverage on the safes. Owning an extended warranty plan protects you from costly repairs and ensures your guests have access to store valuables in a convenient, user-friendly safe. With Safemark’s extended warranty program, you extend the life of your guest room safes and keep this valuable guest amenity operating at peak performance. Each program has specific guidelines so contact your sales representative for more detail.

  • Convenient Service – our support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST) for general questions such as maintenance, reordering parts, and safe operations.
  • Convenient Emergency Service – as hospitality veterans, we understand that guest-related issues require fast, reliable technical assistance. In these situations, our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Flexible Options – protecting your initial investment is important to us, therefore, we have developed three extended warranty programs to meet the unique needs of each hotel.
  • Peace of Mind – our extended warranty program provides customers with complete confidence in Safemark’s security solutions.

* Safemark’s Tribute Series Safes (T 4.0, TJ 4.0, TL 4.0, TS 4.0) have a two-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. All other safes carry a five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

† Safemark’s USD $10,000 Limited Warranty does not apply to the Tribute Series Safes (T 4.0, TJ 4.0, TL 4.0, TS 4.0).