Safemark’s Hotel Safes Prove Durability

Safemark stands apart from other hotel safe providers with a strong commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the highest security standards. Those words were put to the test not long ago when a Safemark customer, Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, experienced a fire.

The fire was contained to one room on the second floor of the hotel’s South Champlain building. Officials noted the accidental fire began during renovations when vapor from flammable glue burst into flames after a propane torch ignited construction material. The damage is estimated at $30,000.



Safemark’s AN 5.3 hotel safe was installed on a shelf less than a foot away from the sprinkler system. When the blaze occurred, the safe received major fire and water damage, however, is still intact and functional. The outside was obviously charred by the flames, yet the safe maintained its structure. The electronic keypad was damaged as well, but the numbers are still visible and the backlit keypad continues to illuminate. More importantly, the safe’s keypad is still functional. Although the door is off kilter, one can clearly see the steel bolts locking and unlocking on cue. The staff member can even manually lock and unlock the safe with the override key.

Hotel Safe

How is this possible? Although Safemark’s safes are not fire rated (a required feature for hotel doors, but not hotel safes), our 30+ years in the hospitality industry has allowed us to perfect the manufacturing of safes. We won’t skimp when it comes to using quality materials that result in reliable, long lasting safes. We made that decision long ago and today it’s separating our company from others.

Proper Planning
We are relieved the Sheraton’s fire damage was minimal. South Burlington Deputy Fire Chief Terry Francis said the Sheraton’s fire evacuation plan worked seamlessly. The hotel had also upgraded its fire alarm system recently and most of the fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system before the fire department arrived.

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